I was having a little think about the most important thing I could say about astrology. Then, in one of those ‘aha’ moments I thought, “well, astrology explains everything.” And it does. I can attest to this because I have studied it for nearly half a century. Astrology explains everything, and it does so on many levels and on whatever level you are at this very moment. You can use astrology to understand instinctual behaviour, complex personality profiles or the journey we must take to develop soul consciousness. We all have free will, but astrology shows us the personality tools, the types of energies that we work with. It shows the window through which we are likely to view ourselves, our world, culture, family we were born into etc. Astrology shows where we might have blind spots, a need to heal and the road we need to take to become conscious of our deepest truest self and the good we can do in the world. Astrology explains everything; but not in a causal way. Hmm! Maybe I should say:


A little bit of History
I fell in love with astrology when I was 16 and my mother bought me Julia and Derek Parkers: The Compleat Astrologer. I loved that book until it was in tatters from time spent pouring over the pages and learning how to draw charts using pen, paper and many mathematical computations. But it was Steven Arroyo’s book: Astrology, Karma and Transformation which ensouled my understanding. I still remember what it is like to be a young girl trying to find her way in the world; reading astrology interpretations as clues to my true identity. Much of it was simple personality assessments but then there were astrologers who talked about the higher spiritual purpose and possibilities for growth and transformation inherent in every sign, in every planet. As an astrologer I married, had children, divorced, studied, had breakdowns and break throughs (maybe more breakdowns than break throughs at first!) Through all of it I studied the deeper implications of my chart and the transits and progressions that brought difficult times but encouraged positive change. I got to know the feel of the different energies and how they affected myself and those around me. I came to the realisation that not only do we have our individual souls but that nations also have personalities and souls and birth-charts. We are truly collective beings as well as individuals. I studied Jung and the Jungian, archetypal astrologers; Alice Bailey and Esoteric Astrology.

As I have grown and matured so has my understanding of astrology. Astrology can be a complex system and I have seen the occasional astrologer employ ever increasing mathematical complexities to squeeze out the meanings contained in a chart. Well, this can be fun if you like maths and patterns. But luckily you don’t have to do that to understand the true and essential meanings of planets and signs and how they work in your life. Understanding how astrology works for you is as simple as …well, understanding yourself.

I Love Teaching:
I have worked as both a High School and Primary School Teacher and enjoy teaching on all levels. Actually, I don’t just enjoy it. I love it. There is no buzz like realising my student has ‘got it’ and particularly when you get ‘aha’ moments because you have gotten some greater truth that speaks to the soul of the matter. Have you ever had a head tingle when you hear something that is true in a deep, meaningful way? I love that.

I love hearing your stories (Consults):
Like many people my path has not been an easy one to tread. And like many people I have not always made the best decisions in life or had the best attitude towards the difficulties that have come to greet me. With all of this I have learned to be kinder on myself and to be kinder to others. I also know that the way you understand something at 16 is different to the way you understand it at 60. It is that spiral of learning; where one goes around and around, repeating the same lessons, having the same insights. But each time the understanding deepens and the heart has learned how to be more open and loving with it.

I love listening to your stories and always feel privileged to translate your charts for you: to help you to deepen your understanding and clarify your road ahead.
Every meeting on the road is a blessing and I already feel blessed knowing that we shall meet.
Much light and love to you all


B.A. Dip.Ed. Diploma of Astrology: Federation Australian Astrologers FAA: Doris Greaves National Award for natal chart interpretation.

Lynette Malone