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There are three major factors that contribute to who we are.
  • Time and place. The historical time, religious/spiritual and cultural milieu that we were born into all help to shape our way of seeing the world. Our most fundamental influence in this sense is our family.
  • Our personality. The second factor is our personality that we were born with. This is the lense through which we view our world
  • Our Essence: Spirit. We may know this part of ourselves best as our Soul.
Unbreakable and full of love.
That Still space
The Watcher that sits calmly in the quiet place.

Zane photographs our new classroom/consult/meeting room.

The Natal Chart.

A natal chart is a map of where the planets are at the very moment, time and place of your birth. It shows us the ‘second factor’ mentioned above: your own unique personality. Your natal horoscope contains the seed potential of all your character traits and abilities. How you choose to use or develop them, comes down more to a marriage of your own unique nature and abilities, your nurturing and the personal choices you make throughout life


No matter how different we may appear on the outside, common to all of us is the need for emotional and physical nurturing and the opportunity to grow and express ourselves. Yet we seek these things in our own, unique fashion.

SUN – Your creative spark. Your journey to discover your own unique, individual personality, distinct from family and culture.

MOON – Your journey to discover where you belong, your sense of home and your emotional, intuitive nature.

ASCENDANT – the type of energy you employ to move into the world, to get thing done and to get your mojo working. On a higher level, your spiritual, soul purpose.
The Ascendant is our vehicle that takes us on our quest to discover who we are and integrate it with our emotional needs.

THE ESSENTIALS CONSULT --- Time: 30 Mins --- Cost: $ 50 AUS

This is a short and sweet consultation in which I aim to give you a sense of how these three main factors operate in your life.
A brief written summary will be provided after the consult


This is a synergistic look at your whole birth chart and how you use the various components of your personality and outlook on life. A full natal consult can focus on:

  • A deep and thorough personality profile
  • Specific issues
  • An exploration of your Soul Purpose
  • Vocation and career direction

FULL NATAL CONSULT ----- Time: 1 Hour 30 Mins --Cost: $ 150 AUS
FOLLOW UP CONSULTS ----- Time: 1 Hour ---------- Cost: $ 80 AUS


Destiny opens many doors around a theme.
Which one you choose depends on you.

As the planets move around the arc of the zodiac, they form geometric relationships to the planets as they sit in your birth chart. These are called planetary Transits. The outer planets move very slowly and are known as the planets of Transformation. They may only make a few important aspects to your birth chart within your lifetime. Each planet has its own energy and its own lessons to give us. Times of great change in your life are always marked by these important planetary transits. By mapping these changes, you are given a language to help you make sense of both difficult and important times in your life. When we understand more clearly the ways in which we need to grow we are able to do so more easily; to become more fully ourselves.

Astrology cannot tell you what will happen in your life but it can point you to the types of events that may occur, and most importantly the healing gifts of love, wisdom and empowerment that could potentially come out of it.

TRANSIT CONSULT -- Time: 1 Hour 30 Mins -- Cost: $ 150 AUS


A Solar Return Chart is cast for the exact time that your Sun sign has returned to the degree of the zodiac it was at your birth. The position of the Sun in this chart shows the area of life which will be your greatest focus for the following 12 months (until the Sun comes around again). Reading a chart for the Sun's Return is done in the same way as a Natal chart but only in view of the push and flow of the next 12 months. These charts are a great guide to the direction of your year. I have used them for my own life since…forever, and their accuracy and usefulness has never failed to be helpful.

SOLAR RETURN CONSULT --Time: 1 Hour 30 Mins --Cost: $ 150 AUS


Families are complex webs of personalities, inherited issues, strengths and talents. As children, our unique personality collides or coincides with our parents and family environment. It is this interaction of our own disposition (personality) and how we ‘fit in’ to the world around us that forms our personality. As a parent, it can be hugely helpful to have your child’s birth chart.

CHILDREN'S CHARTS CONSULT - Time: 1 Hour 30 Mins - Cost: $ 150 AUS

A comprehensive and detailed report that you can keep. --- Cost: $ 200 AUS


Self-knowledge, comes into being when we are aware, of ourselves in relationship, which shows what we are from moment to moment. Relationship is a mirror in which to see ourselves as we actually are.
----- J. Krishnamurti Quotes

Freedom versus security is one of those philosophical quandaries that are cited by many as their reason for marrying or not. Freedom represents the opportunity to discover and express one’s unique individuality. Security speaks to our deepest instinctual need to be nurtured and to belong. Astrologically these drives are represented by the Sun and the Moon. To be a complete person involves finding the means to express and live both. Whether it is emotional, psychological or physical, one needs a secure base to effectively travel out on voyages of self-discovery. Equally, if the urge to quest and grow is lost, then one’s sense of security quickly becomes a prison, leaving one wondering why they have lost their joy in life. If we consciously have the aim of both providing a safe port and supporting individual growth, then we have the best opportunity for a healthy, happy relationship with two healthy, happy people in it. Understanding this gives a context for any difficult interactions: a pearl can’t be made without a little grit to irritate it. Lois Sargent, in her 1950’s manual: “How to handle your human relations” rather stoically states that:

"Astrology cannot tell you what will happen in your life but it can point you to the types of events that may occur at particular times in your life and most importantly the aspect of life that you could learn about from it, the healing and gifts that could potentially come out of it."


One Person ----- Time: 1 Hour 30 Mins ----- Cost: $ 150 AUS
Two People ----- Time: 2 Hours -------------- Cost: $ 200 AUS

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, inquiries or bookings.